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    The Principal´s Message

    VIA NOVUS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, is presenting you, a new way to obtain your high school diploma (HSEC/GED) in a pleasant and motivating way through an educational format online, which will permit prepare yourself at your own pace wherever you are, and available 24 hours a day the entire year; acquiring fundamental knowledge for your academic, professional and personal development. The time to present the test that will permit you obtain your High School diploma it is varied; it can be 4 or 5 months, depending the grade of dedication and commitment on your part to go through the preparation courses.
    Via Novus International LLC. Is an educational institution focused and committed to work with high standards of pedagogical quality that facilitate the graduated students have the highest possibilities to reach the integral success, which will contribute to build a world more righteous and productive.
    As a graduate in “Administración de Empresas” from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana,and teacher in that same institution for more than 10 years, I understand that one of the main challenges of our times is to determine and apply new teaching strategies to feed the education quality, and the full forming of the students all around the world. Human quality and its development is the core of the principals, because in this, no doubt, more righteous societies are built, with a better understanding of its surroundings.