Via Novus International LLC. Is an educational institution focused and committed to work with high standards of pedagogical quality that facilitate the graduated students have the highest possibilities to reach the integral success, which will contribute to build a world more righteous and productive.

In VNI we are aware that in the academic quality through the technological and pedagogical schemes, facilitate the meaningful learning, and with the adding of virtual, motivating and enjoyable environments, motivate the students to learn and put the effort and commitment to finish their studies in a successful way.

Via Novus International High School Considers very important and necessary the national accreditations authorized for the educational department of the United States of America through the associations of educational quality, as the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) Office of postsecondary Education. For that reason VNI-HS is now a candidate to get the highest  requirements of educational quality that will permit us get the respective accreditation, guarantying in this way the fulfillment of the high standards indicated by NCA This association have a high recognition in the international level.

After the assurance of the candidate stand or accreditation of a school or program, those interested in the high school certificate acquisition, ought to take conditional measures to determine before the registration, if their educational goals of professional development will be fulfilled at the time of registration and get prepared academically in some particular institution. It is important to point out, that in countries like Puerto Rico, Islas Virgenes, etc.  The high school certificate certified for the NCA, and  given for institutions that have the candidate status, will permit to work the procedure of certification of studies and apply for studies in other institutions like universities. The candidate status imply that the quality standards of education are been worked in a high way to get its accreditation. In the United States of America, the high school certificates given under the candidate status, can be accepted by employers; and eventually, after the respective accreditation, be accepted by: Colleges, Universities, and Military sectors.

Via Novus International High School, is committed to guaranty the 100% reimbursement in the case that the obtained diploma for some reason was not accepted for some institution in the context given before.

Arizona department of education, Specify that the Educational Institution like VNI-HS, are been certified withoutparticular requirements related to the following concepts: Accreditation/Register/License Concession/Approval. Notwithstanding the above, we reiterate that our institution to be recognized by the NCA as an academic organization of excellence, granting candidate status, motivates us to continue working with determination on behalf of the international community of learners.

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