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The educational module is Blended Learning o B-Learning with online support, through which students receive intensive counseling so that will add a total of 180 hours over a period of 4-5 months , with the additional support the video-courses online designed by our own institution, which shall be available 24 hours every day of the year, thus acquiring solid and substantial knowledge that will be the foundation for the academic, professional and personal, of the students.

3.- With the registration payment the student has the following rights.

Once the test is accredited, and after the free theme essay of approximately 250 words is satisfactorily evaluated, will have the right of receiving the diploma and the grades certificate.

To take the online courses, this will have, one year of duration.

The student has 6 months to finish his online training.

4.- What the minimum approbatory grades are?

The minimum approbatory grades are 7, and in the case of no accreditation in some matter, it will have the right to 3 opportunities for the accreditation test.

5.- Is it possible revalidate the studies out of the United States of America?

It is possible, but it depend of the procedures on every country. VNI-HS is respectful of the particular educational laws that exist in the different countries, for that reason it is not possible guaranty the revalidation of the studies in all the countries. Mexico for instance, point out the following requirements for the eventual revalidation of studies:

The original and copy of: Diploma, Transcript, and apostille emitted by the High School  (all documents must be translated for a professional translator authorized by the SEP.

Original and two copies of: birth certificate, secundaria certificate, CURP, official ID. To pay  the rights of  the Constancy emission.

6.- Is it possible that Via Novus International negotiate the correspondent procedure for the revalidations of studies in Mexico?

It is possible, even dough, it is important to emphasize that the authorization of such procedure at the end, it is to the SEP in Mexico right to decide.

7.- Via Novus International High School, guarantees the quality of education in the courses and programs offered.?

Being regulated by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) Office of Postsecondary Education, periodically has to show that the school implements continuous improvement programs which ensures that students receive a good preparation.

8.- Is there a reimbursement type of guaranty?

Yes, Via Novus International, guarantee the 100% of reimbursement in the case of the HSEC given for VNI would not be accepted for some business, college, university or military institution.

9.- Does VNI can negotiate collaboration agreements with Universities, High schools, ONGs, Educational departments in different countries?

One of the fundamental objectives of this institution, is to establish collaboration agreements and alliances that will strengthen the public and private educational sector in the international sphere, that means, inside and outside of the United States, with that, it will be possible to established promotional tools that will permit the improvement of the well social and economic living of the students families.

10.- Which underpin the Transcript or Certificate of High School Equivalency (HSEC) issued by Via Novus ..?

The School Equivalency Transcript is based on academic credit transfers, previous studies, personal and professional achievements, work experience, as well as accredited knowledge.

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